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Alison Bristow (Convener)

Alison is a preacher and teacher of the Gospel, a credentialed biblical life coach; helping people to use biblical foundations to fulfil their purpose.

She is a seasoned, dynamic, speaker, bringing keynote messages to women’s church events, conferences, and assemblies across the UK. Alison is also the author of two books Rehearse your lines-Discover how to play your part in God’s plan for your life and Supercharge- how to revitalise your spiritual life in just six days. She uses her prophetic gifting to encourage, inspire, and motivate individuals to learn and grow both personally and spiritually.

Under the strategic leadership of Bishop Wayne Malcolm, Alison served as an in-house minister at iCAN community church for the last 18 years. She served faithfully and passionately; preaching, praying and teaching. She treasures the fact that in this environment she learned how to make Bible principles, applicable and relevant to everyday life and living. Alison believes the word of God contains, solutions, strategies, remedies and revelation that can radically transform the lives of those that read and hear the scriptures preached.

At the turn of the year 2020, Alison received the blessing of Bishop Wayne Malcolm to itinerate ministry; to teach, train and minister the Gospel wherever she is invited. Alison is a passionate people helper hence her teaching, preaching and coaching emanates from a passionate heart to help people truly connect with the love God, connect with their God given identity and connect with others. As a speaker minister, Alison’s words are filled with compassion, encouragement and wisdom. Alison loves God, his word and people. Hence her desire to see Christians flow in an intimate union with Him, discover and fulfil their God given goals.



We are Taking Small Steps at Making the Word of God a Manifestation of our every Day Life.

We are a ministry that helps every member find their ministry and lets them use their gifts and abilities to meet other’s needs. We believe the church is at her best when the doors are open to all to learn about the Christian faith.
Alison Bristow (Convener)

Here at Alison Bristow ministries, we believe that all it takes for you to live your God given life is to help you connect with God intimately, connect with your God given identity and purposefully connect with others through our services.

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Minister Alison Bristow
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