God is a Spirit and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth John 4:24

Would you ever consider being in a relationship that wasn’t genuine? I would never and I am positive that most of you wouldn’t. We all want to spend quality time with the one we love. We feel special when we are told, I love you, you are beautiful, and you are everything to me. Much more God, he wants us to love him with all of being, he wants our relationship with him to be spiritual and unpretentious. Embrace these four factors about worship and Go for it!

No limits

Do you want unlimited worship? Well it is yours for the wanting. One of the most exciting and distinguishing feature of the Christian faith, is this: God is a Spirit; and as such he is without physical limitations; meaning that he is present everywhere and YOU can worship him anywhere, anytime.

It takes two- spirit and truth

Do you want your worship to get God’s attention? If you do, you only need know that how you do worship is what interest God. God is seeking for both your spirit and your intellect to bestow adoration, to release your own unique fragrance of love; so if YOU will allow the Holy Spirit to assist you in the worship of him you’ll have his attention.(spirit) If YOU will bring your own individual experience of God that causes you to say God you are my Jehovah jireh, healer, peace giver, etc. you’ll have his attention.

Transparency and intimacy

Do you want God so close that he leaves an indelible impression within your soul? When your worship is in spirit and truth you are in transparency mode, and at this level you give God no other choice but to release his tangible presence- an intimate exchange; where he pours his glory all over you; impregnating your imagination, healing your wounds; giving revelation, speaking to you, washing you; just loving on you… What he’ll do for you and in you is endless in his presence. Go for it…

Sing out your worship

Have you noticed how singing is a very popular way to deliver worship? Most of the love songs we hear are worship songs. Whilst we can worship God in many creative forms, singing songs is one of the most beautiful means to do so. There are numerous songs written by Godly men and women that can help us connect to God in worship. Here is a link to one of my favourites. (Beautiful one) Have a listen and worship him…

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