Core foundations in Christ

Course description:

Core foundations in Christ gives the basic under structures of the Christian faith that are to be laid solidly in the life of the believer. Participants will receive knowledge and understanding of six core foundational Christian teaching to enable personal spiritual growth and empowerment which will undoubtedly form the basis for every Christian believer to withstand the inevitability of life’s challenges.

The topics include:

– The significance of repentance from dead works

– Faith in Christ v Law

– The types of baptisms and their significance

– The role and function of the laying on of hands

– What happens after death

– Eternal judgement.


You will

Develop unshakeable faith during life’s challenges

Gain a solid theological foundation to access God’s truths

Tap into uncommon confidence by knowing your identity in Christ


This course is offered in a virtual classroom allowing for interactive and peer group discussion and learning.

Each module is 1h.30 minutes hour long and delivered via Zoom with PDf materials and multiple choice quiz after each module.

This course is best suited for individuals and medium size groups


Book Core Foundations in Christ now for individual or group teaching.


Dec 23 2021




Telephone or Zoom video conference (Details will be communicated)
Telephone or Zoom video conference (Details will be communicated)


Minister Alison Bristow

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