Here at Alison Bristow ministries, we believe that all it takes for you to live your God given life is to help you connect with God intimately, connect with your God given identity and purposefully connect with others through our services.

See below list of our ministry services.


Coaching Courses

Pastoral care coaching in churches has long been an obvious, yet overlooked, solution for keeping leaders and congregations healthy and happy. Most pastors and church leadership don’t know much about coaching and make the wrong assumption that counseling will accomplish the same things. We are in the process of developing church-based coach training that will have universal appeal among christian fellowships.

Pastoral care coaching in churches involves the following…

– Leadership Coaching

– Pastoral Coaching

– Discipleship Coaching

– Small Group Coaching


Our mentoring and coaching programs aresimplified

Everything you need to launch yourself effectively into the wider society as well as adequately understand the word of God in a simplified way. Our mentoring programs in one place a complete Guide platform.

Our approach is Built for enterprise.

A mentoring platform made for large organisations, indeviduals, coporate and social interface and more.


First, church-based counseling means submitting to leaders who already have watch over your soul.

If you had a choice between seeing someone who knows nothing about you and has no obligation to you outside of counseling or seeing someone who will give an account to God for how well he has watched over your soul, who would you choose?

Because Christians are often scared to reveal their problems to people they know, they commonly seek out counselors who work in private practices outside of their church. Now, many of these counselors are doing good work, and I do believe there is a role for private practice counseling. Yet, I want to argue that there are distinct advantages to doing specialized counseling in the context of one’s local church, and I would even propose that it should be the norm.